Summer Courses

Every year the Department offers a variety of courses in the Summer Sessions. These courses are available to students from other colleges and universities and members of the general public as well as to University of California students from Berkeley and other campuses.

The Language Workshops

For close to fifty years, the Berkeley Greek and the Latin Workshops have provided an effective way to learn the languages in an intensive course that covers the equivalent of more than two semesters of work and prepares the successful student to handle Greek and Latin texts in the original.  In summer 2020, the Department will provide tuition rebates of $3000 to eight Workshop participants. For more information please see the Greek and Latin Workshop page.

Classics Courses

Each summer, the Department of Classics offers a selection of its popular courses in Classical Civilizations.  In summer 2020, the Department is offering Introduction to Greek Civilization, Introduction to Roman Civilization, The Classic Myths, and Introduction to Graeco-Roman Magic. For more information please go here.

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