Contact the Classics Department

General Inquiries

University of California
Department of Classics
7233 Dwinelle Hall #2520
Berkeley CA 94720-2520, USA
Phone: 510-642-4218
Fax: 510-643-2959

For Prospective and Current Undergraduates

Advising questions may be addressed to one of the Faculty Undergraduate Advisers. The advisers are:

  • Professor sheltonk [at] (subject: UCB%20Classics%20UG%20Advising) (Kim Shelton)
  • Professor duncanmacrae [at] (subject: UCB%20Classics%20UG%20Advising) (Duncan MacRae)

Please see the faculty office hours page for faculty adviser's office hours.

Staff Undergraduate Adviser

  • cassandrajj [at] (Cassandra Dunn), 7228 Dwinelle Hall, 510-642-3672.

For Prospective and Current Graduate Students

The graduate programs are the responsibility of the Head Graduate Advisor and the Department Chair. There is also a separate Graduate Advisor for Classical Archaeology, although the Head Graduate Advisor's signature may be required on some petitions and forms. Please consult one of the following as appropriate:

  • Head Graduate Adviser: dsailor [at] (Professor Dylan Sailor), 7214 Dwinelle Hall
  • Graduate Adviser for Classical Archaeology: tpena [at] (Professor Ted Peña,)  7308 Dwinelle Hall, 510-643-8964.
  • Department Chair:  eolien [at] (Professor Ellen Oliensis), 7211 Dwinelle Hall
  • Staff Graduate Adviser: cassandrajj [at] (Cassandra Dunn), 7228 Dwinelle Hall, 510-642-3672.