Leslie Kurke

Gladys Rehard Wood Chair, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature & Graduate Advisor, Classics
BA 1981 Bryn Mawr College
PhD 1988 Princeton University
Research Interests: 
Greek Literature and Culture, Archaic Greek poetry, Herodotus and the Invention of Greek Prose
(510) 642-2054; alternate: (510) 642-4218; fax: (510) 643-2959
kurke [at] berkeley.edu
Office / Location: 
4331 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: 
Fall 2017: M 2-3PM; W 3-4PM
Select Publications: 

“Pindar’s Pythian 11 and the Oresteia: Contestatory Ritual Poetics in the Fifth Century BCE.” Classical Antiquity 32.1 (2013): 101-175.

Greek Ways of Speaking (Aggressively): The Case of ὑπολαβὼν ἔφη.” Classics@ Issue 11 (Online Classics Journal, Posted 2013; Access via CHS Website: http://chs.harvard.edu/wa/pageR?tn=ArticleWrapper&bdc=12&mn=5138)

“Imagining Chorality: Wonder, Plato’s Puppets, and Moving Statues.” In Performance and Culture in Plato’s Laws, ed. A.-E. Peponi (Cambridge University Press, 2013), pp. 123-170. 

Aesopic Conversations: Popular Tradition, Cultural Dialogue, and the Invention of Greek Prose (Princeton University Press, 2011).

Editor (with Carol Dougherty), The Cultures Within Ancient Greek Culture: Contact, Conflict, Collaboration (Cambridge University Press, 2003; paperback reprint, Cambridge University Press, 2011).

Coins, Bodies, Games, and Gold: The Politics of Meaning in Archaic Greece (Princeton University Press, 1999).

Editor (with Carol Dougherty), Cultural Poetics in Archaic Greece: Cult, Performance, Politics (Cambridge University Press, 1993;  paperback reprint, Oxford University Press, 1998).

The Traffic in Praise: Pindar and the Poetics of Social Economy (Cornell University Press, 1991; Second online edition: California Classical Studies Number 1, eScholarship Repository, University of California (2013), 266 pp.  (http://escholarship.org/uc/item/29r3j0gm)).

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