Sather Professor Portraits

The series of photos below will give some impression of what the Sather Professor's office wall looked like during the period (up to 1996) when all the portraits up to that date were hung on one wall. (The portrait-covered wall received mention in Alessandro Barchiesi's Sather Centennial Lecture.) When an addition was being constructed on Dwinelle Hall and the Department was moved to temporary quarters for 16 months, it was decided to remove the portraits from their frames and place them in two large albums with space for 50 portraits each. Since 1997, when the new Sather Office became available on the new seventh floor of Dwinelle, the wall has featured only a portrait of Jane K. Sather and the pictures of the most recent 4-6 incumbents.

Hover over an image to see the name and year of the Sather Professor; click on an image to see a larger version.

Benjamin Ide Wheeler (UC President at founding of endowment)   John L. Myers (1913-1914, 1926-1927)   Henry Prescott (1914-1915)   Paul Shorey (1915-1916, 1918-1919, 1928-1929)   Gordon J. Laing (1916-1917)

Francis G. Allinson (1917-1918)   William K. Prentice (1917-1918)   Edward K. Rand (1919-1920)   John Adams Scott (1920-1921)   George L. Hendrickson (1921-1922)

Herbert W. Smyth (1922-1923)   Terrot R. Glover (1923-1924)   Duane R. Stewart (1924-1925)   John Burnet (1925-1926)    Arthur L. Wheeler (1927-1928)

Tenney Frank (1929-1930)   Martin P. Nilsson (1930-1931)   Cyril Bailey (1931-1932)   Robert J. Bonner (1932-1933)   William A. Oldfather (1933-1934)

Werner Jaeger (1934-1935)   J. Wight Duff (1935-1936)   Samuel E. Bassett (1936-1937)   Henri Grégoire (1938-1939)   Herbert J. Rose (1939-1940)

Axel W. Persson (1940-1941)    Hermann F. Fränkel (1942-1943)   Gilbert Norwood (1943-1944)   Rhys Carpenter (1944-1945)   Max L. W. Laistner (1945-1946)

Lily Ross Taylor (1946-1947)    Levi Arnold Post (1947-1948)   John Davidson Beazley (1948-1949)   Eric R. Dodds (1949-1950)   Ben E. Perry (1950-1951)

Arnold W. Gomme (1951-1952); artist: Phyllis Gomme   André M. J. Festugière (1952-1953)   Jakob A. O. Larsen (1953-1954)   Joshua Whatmough (1954-1955)   Frank Adcock (1955-1956)

Georges Daux (1956-1957)   Denys L. Page (1957-1958)   Benjamin D. Meritt (1958-1959)   Sir Ronald Syme (1959-1960)Humphrey D. F. Kitto (1960-1961)

Arnaldo Dante Momigliano (1961-1962)    Bernard M. W. Knox (1962-1963)   Bruno Snell (1963-1964)   Sterling Dow (1963-1964)   Victor Pöschl (1964-1965)

W. Bedell Stanford (1965-1966)   Kenneth J. Dover (1966-1967)   Edward J. Kenney (1967-1968)   Geoffrey S. Kirk (1968-1969)   Hugh Lloyd-Jones (1969-1970)

Frank William Walbank (1970-1971)   Moses I. Finley (1970-1971)   Gordon Williams (1971-1972)   Albrecht Dihle (1973-1974)   Emily Vermeule (1974-1975)

Ernst Badian (1975-1976)   Walter Burkert (1976-1977)   John Herington (1977-1978)   James Frank Gilliam (1978-1979)   Gwilyn E. L. Owen (1979-1980)

1)   Wendell Clausen (1981-1982)   Christian Habicht (1982-1983)   Geoffrey E. R. Lloyd_1983-1984)   Anthony M. Snodgrass (1984-1985)

Averil M. Cameron (1985-1986)   Thomas C. Gelzer (1986-1987)   Bernard Williams (1988-1989)   Albert Heinrichs (1989-1990)   Paul Zanker (1990-1991)

;Glen W. Bowersock (1991-1992)   Alexander Nehamas (1992-1993)   Anne Pippin Burnett (1993-1994)   Gian Biagio Conte (1994-1995)   Froma I. Zeitlin (1995-1996)

Brunilde S. Ridgway (1996-1997)   Michael Frede (1997-1998)   Henk Versnel (1998-1999)   Anna Morpurgo Davies (1999-2000)   Brian C. Stock (2000-2001)

Gregory Nagy (2001-2002)   Fergus Millar (2002-2003)   Denis Feeney (2003-2004)   David N. Sedley (2004-2005)   Roger Bagnall (2005-2006)