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The Department offers a rich array of resources to undergraduate students, departmental majors, graduate students, professional scholars, and the general public, ranging from opportunities to participate in excavations abroad to research assistantships on campus and to online resources for learning and research.

Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy
Founded through a bequest of the late Sara B. Aleshire, alumna of AHMA and authority on Greek religion and epigraphy, the Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy (Professor Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Director) supports the research of faculty and graduate students, sponsors distinguished visitors, and maintains an extensive epigraphic library of books, offprints, photographs, and squeezes.

Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (Graduate Group)
While AHMA is a distinct graduate program, Classics and AHMA graduate students often take the same classes and share the same teaching and research opportunities. Classics and AHMA share the same commencement ceremony each May, and the two units share the same welcoming reception each fall. AHMA sponsors its own colloquium series, and its events are included on the Classics events list.

Archaeological Research Facility
The mission of the Archaeological Research Facility (ARF) is to encourage and carry out archaeological field and laboratory research conducted by U.C. Berkeley archaeologists.  A number of Classics faculty members (Professors Chris Hallett, Ted Peña, Kim Shelton, and Andrew Stewart) affiliated with the ARF.  

Center for the Tebtunis Papyri
The Bancroft Library at Berkeley is the custodian of a very large (and as yet mostly unstudied) collection of papyri from Umm el-Breigat (ancient Tebtunis). Conservation, digitization, and study of the collection is organized through the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri (Director and Curator, Professor Todd Hickey).  With small additions from other sites, the collection now contains pieces in Middle Egyptian hieratic, Greek, Latin, Egyptian Demotic, Coptic, and Arabic. Graduate Student Research Assistantships and travel grants are available, and undergraduates also may participate through the University Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP).

Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology
The Department established the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology in 2005.  (For the prehistory of the Center, see "Nemea Excavations" below).  Under its Director, Professor Kim Shelton, the Center currently operates two summer schools in Nemea and Mycenae and continues research both in the Nemea Museum and the Nemea/Sardis Archive on campus. Planning is under way for another period of full excavations in the near future.

RES ROMANAE - Website of the Berkeley Roman Material Culture Laboratory
The principal purpose of the Res Romanae website (the brainchild of Professor J. T. Peña) is to serve as a portal for reporting the results of the various research projects associated with the RMCL.  It also reports on the research activities and presents the research results of the various scholars affiliated with the RMCL, including UC Berkeley faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students and external collaborators.

Ancient Sculpture Cast Collection
The campus possesses a large collection of casts of ancient sculpture intended for study purposes. After many years of neglect, the casts have received study and restoration through the efforts of two graduate seminars.

The UC Berkeley Library contains over ten million volumes and has a strong and deep collection in most aspects of Classics. The graduate reserve collection for Classics and Classical Archaeology forms part of the Art History/Classics Library, where two rooms are devoted to Classics reference works, journals, and essential research resources. The W. K. Pritchett Seminar Room, where most graduate classes meet, is also part of the Art History/Classics Library suite.

eScholarship Repository: Classics Section
The Department has established a section within the eScholarship Repository of the California Digital Library, an open-access archive. A recent addition to this archive is a digital edition of Elroy Bundy's famous 1962 monograph Studia Pindarica.

Classical Antiquity
The Department has provided the administrative home and head of the editorial board for the distinguished journal Classical Antiquity since 1982.

California Classical Studies
California Classical Studies publishes peer-reviewed long-form scholarship with online open access and print-on-demand availability. It is sponsored by the Department of Classics and its editorial operations are hosted in the Department. The startup phase of this project (2013-2015) is supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Ancient Greek Tutorials
A suite of online modules and drills, by Professor Donald Mastronarde, to assist those learning ancient Greek, including pronunciation, accentuation, vocabulary, principal parts, morphology drills, paradigms, and downloads of various supplementary information.

Nemea Excavations 1973-2004

archived version of old site
Through the efforts of the Department of Classics and AHMA, the University of California established an excavation and research presence in Nemea, Greece, in the 1970s. Until his retirement in 2004, Professor Stephen Miller served as Director. Two extended campaigns of full excavations have been conducted, along with other minor work on the site, and graduate students and scholars from Berkeley and other institutions have worked on the dig and in the museum.

Professional Development for Graduate Students

Graduate Division has many resources to help graduate students prepare for the academic and non-academic job market; see, for example, the Professional Development Guide and Getting Mentoring. Two other useful sites are The Versatile PhD (to which Berkeley subscribes) and Connected Academics (open access).