Office Hours Spring 2020

Instructor Name Instructor Email Hours Address
Benjamins, Joshua joshua_benjamins [at] Tues. 11-12 pm, Th. 1-2 pm, and by appointment 7227 Dwinelle
Brown, Aaron adbrown [at]   359A Dwinelle
Cushman, Sophie scushman [at]   359A Dwinelle
Elm, Susanna elm [at] Tues. 3-4 pm, Th. 2-3 pm 2310 Dwinelle
Griffith, Mark markg [at] Mon. 3-4 pm, Wed. 2:15- 3:15 pm or by appointment 7215 Dwinelle
Hallett, Christopher chrisopherhallett [at] Wed. 3-4 pm, Fri. 4-5 pm, and by appointment 359A Dwinelle
Hickey, Todd  tmhickey [at] Th 2–4P & by appointment 489 Bancroft Library
Lawrence, Erin  erin_lawrence [at]   7227 Dwinelle
Mackil, Emily emackil [at] Th. 2-4 pm 2312 Dwinelle
MacRae, Duncan duncanmacrae [at] Wed. 1-3 pm 7213 Dwinelle
Magrin, Sara magrin_s [at] Tues. 1-3 pm 7216 Dwinelle
Mavroudi, Maria mavroudi [at] Wed. 4-6 pm 2223 Dwinelle
McCarthy, Kathleen kmccarth [at] Tues. 1-3 pm 7221 Dwinelle
Miller, Lauren lem [at]   7226 Dwinelle
Mullin, Emily emilymullin [at] Wed. 4:30-5:30 pm, Fri. 9-10 am, and by appointment 7227 Dwinelle
Murphy, Trevor tmmurphy [at] Wed. 2-4 pm 7220 Dwinelle
Obert, Jesse jesobert [at] Mon. 1-2 pm, Th. 10-11 am, or by appointment 7227 Dwinelle
Oh, Joanna joannaoh [at]   7227 Dwinelle
Oliensis, Ellen eolien [at] Wed. 2-4 pm 7211 Dwinelle
Papazarkadas, Nikolaos papazarkadas [at] Mon. 1-3 pm 7228 Dwinelle
Peña, J. Theodore tpena [at] Tues. 2:15-3:15 pm,
Th. 10:45-11:45 am
7308 Dwinelle
Porter, James jamesivanporter [at] Th. 2-3:30 pm 354B Dwinelle
Remsberg, Emma eremsberg [at] Tues. 1-3 pm, Wed. 2:30-3:30 pm 7224 Dwinelle
Sailor, Dylan dsailor [at] Mon. 2:10-3 pm, Th. 4:10-5 pm, or by appointment 7214 Dwinelle
Sese, Jonas jonas_sese [at]   7226 Dwinelle
Shelton, Kim sheltonk [at] Th. 10-12 pm 7209 Dwinelle
Squire, Daniel daniel.squire202 [at]   7224 Dwinelle
Telò, Mario mtelo [at] Th. 11-1 pm 7212 Dwinelle
White, Hamish hjdw [at] Wed 1:30-2:30 pm, Th. 11:30-12:30, or by appointment 7227 Dwinelle