Stephen G. Miller

Professor emeritus of Classical Archaeology
A.B. 1964 Wabash College
Ph.D. 1970 Princeton University
Research Interests: 
Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology; Ancient Architecture; Greek Athletics
sgmnemea [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Current projects: 1) Supervising and editing Nemea final publications, currently  preparing Nemea IV: The Hero Shrine of Opheltes; 2) A monograph on The Berkeley Plato -- establishing the authenticity of a Roman copy of portrait in the Berkeley collection; 3) A book Into Darkness -- an explanation for the advent of the Medieval Dark Ages based, in the first part, on the results of excavations at Nemea.

Select Publications: 

The Prytaneion: Its Functions and Architectural Form Arete: Ancient Writers, Papyri, and Inscriptions on the History and Ideals of Greek Athletics and Games Nemea: A Guide to the Museum and the Site Excavations at Nemea I: The Bath Excavations at Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium

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