Past and Future Sather Professors

Forthcoming Sather Professors

  • (2020-21) Greg Woolf, Institute of Classical Studies, London
  • (2021-22) Emily Gowers, University of Cambridge
  • (2022-23) Yopie Prins, University of Michigan

Past Sather Professors

Year Incumbent Lecture Topic Publication











"A Bronze Age Greek City State in Formation"

"City of the Spoken Word: Orality and the Foundations of Roman Culture"

"Seeing and Saying:  Plato on Virtue and Knowledge"

"Classicism and Christianity in Late Antique Latin Poetry"

not yet published


not yet published

not yet published

not yet published

2014-2015 RICHARD P. MARTIN "Comic Community: Laughter and Loathing in Athens" not yet published
2013-2014 FRANÇOIS LISSARRAGUE "Panta Kala: Heroic Warriors and the Aesthetics of Weaponry in Greek Art" not yet published
2012-2013 ROBERT PARKER "Greek Religion Abroad" Greek Gods Abroad: Names, Natures, and Transformations (Sather 72, 2017)
2011-2012 NICHOLAS PURCELL "Venal Histories: The Character, Limits, and Historical Importance of Buying and Selling in the Ancient World" not yet published
2010-2011 ALESSANDRO BARCHIESI "The War for Italia: Conflict and Collective Memory in Vergil's Aeneid" not yet published
2009-2010 HEINRICH VON STADEN "The Scientific Lives of Animals: Ancient Greece and Rome" not yet published
2008-2009 MARY BEARD "Roman Laughter" Laughter in Ancient Rome: on Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up (Sather 71, 2014)
2007-2008 HELENE P. FOLEY "Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the U.S. Stage" Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage (Sather 70, 2012)
2006-2007 TONIO HÖLSCHER "Visual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome" Visual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome: Between Art and Social Reality (Sather 73, 2018)
2005-2006 ROGER BAGNALL "Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East" Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East (Sather 69, 2011)
2004-2005 DAVID SEDLEY "Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity" Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity (Sather 66, 2008)
2003-2004 DENIS FEENEY "Charts of Roman Time: The Uses of Time in the Formation of Roman Culture" Caesar's Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History (Sather 65, 2007)
2002-2003 FERGUS MILLAR "A Greek Roman Empire: Power, Belief and Reason under Theodosius II (A.D. 408-450)" A Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief under Theodosius II (408-450) (Sather 64, 2006)
2001-2002 GREGORY NAGY "Homer the Classic" Homer the Preclassic (Sather 67, 2011)
2000-2001 BRIAN C. STOCK   Augustine's Inner Dialogue. The Philosophical Soliloquy in Late Antiquity (Cambridge 2010)
1999-2000 ANNA MORPURGO DAVIES   not yet published
1998-1999 HENK VERSNEL "Coping with the Gods; Wayward Readings in Greek Theology" Coping with the Gods; Wayward Readings in Greek Theology (Brill 2011: Religions in the Greaeco-Roman World 173)
1997-1998 MICHAEL FREDE   A Free Will. Origins of the Notion in Ancient Thought, ed. by A. A. Long (Sather 68, 2011)
1996-1997 BRUNILDE S. RIDGWAY   Prayers in Stone : Greek Architectural Sculpture ca. 600-100 B.C.E. (Sather 63, 1999)
1995-1996 FROMA I. ZEITLIN   not yet published
1994-1995 GIAN BIAGIO CONTE   The Hidden Author. An Interpretation of Petronius' Satyricon (Sather 60, 1996)
1993-1994 ANNE PIPPIN BURNETT   Revenge in Attic and Late Tragedy (Sather 62, 1998)
1992-1993 ALEXANDER NEHAMAS   The Art of Living : Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault (Sather 61, 1998)
1991-1992 GLEN W. BOWERSOCK   Fiction as History : Nero to Julian (Sather 58, 1994)
1990-1991 PAUL ZANKER   The Mask of Socrates. The Image of the Intellectual in Antiquity (Sather 59, 1995)
1989-1990 ALBERT HENRICHS   not yet published
1988-1989 BERNARD WILLIAMS   Shame and Necessity (Sather 57, 1993)
1986-1987 THOMAS C. GELZER   not published
1985-1986 AVERIL M. CAMERON   Christianity and the Rhetoric of Empire : The Development of Christian Discourse (Sather 55, 1991)
1984-1985 ANTHONY M. SNODGRASS   An Archaeology of Greece (Sather 53, 1987)
1983-1984 GEOFFREY E.R. LLOYD   The Revolutions of Wisdom : Studies in the Claims and Practice of Ancient Greek Science (Sather 52, 1987)
1982-1983 CHRISTIAN HABICHT   Pausanias' Guide to Ancient Greece (Sather 50, 1985)
1981-1982 WENDELL CLAUSEN   Virgil's Aeneid and the Tradition of Hellenistic Poetry (Sather 51, 1987)
1980-1981 EMILIO GABBA   Dionysius and the History of Archaic Rome (Sather 56, 1991)
1979-1980 G.E.L. OWEN   not published
1978-1979 JAMES FRANK GILLIAM   not published
1977-1978 JOHN HERINGTON   Poetry into Drama. Early Tragedy and the Greek Poetic Tradition (Sather 49, 1985)
1976-1977 WALTER BURKERT   Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual (Sather 47, 1979)
1975-1976 ERNST BADIAN   not published
1974-1975 EMILY VERMEULE   Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry (Sather 46, 1979)
1973-1974 ALBRECHT DIHLE   The Theory of Will in Classical Antiquity (Sather 48, 1982)
1972-1973 GORDON WILLIAMS   Change and Decline. Roman Literature in the Early Empire (Sather 45, 1978)
1971-1972 MOSES I. FINLEY   The Ancient Economy (Sather 43, 1973)
1970-1971 FRANK WILLIAM WALBANK    Polybius (Sather 42, 1972)
1969-1970 HUGH LLOYD-JONES   The Justice of Zeus (Sather 41, 1971)
1968-1969 GEOFFREY S. KIRK   Myth: Meaning and Functions (Sather 40, 1970)
1967-1968 E.J. KENNEY   The Classical Text (Sather 44, 1974)
1966-1967 K.J. DOVER "Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum" Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum (Sather 39, 1968)
1965-1966 W.BEDELL STANFORD "The Sound of Greek Poetry" The Sound of Greek (Sather 38, 1967)
1964-1965 VICTOR PÖSCHL "Man and Politics in Tacitus"  not published
1963-1964 STERLING DOW "Knossos and Mycenae: the Great Powers in the Bronze Age" lectures not published; published Fifty Years of Sathers (Berkeley 1965)
1963-1964 BRUNO SNELL "Scenes from Greek Drama" Scenes from Greek Drama (Sather 34, 1964)
1962-1963 B.M.W. KNOX "The Heroic Temper: Studies in Sophoclean Tragedy" The Heroic Temper: Studies in Sophoclean Tragedy (Sather 35, 1964)
1961-1962 A.D. MOMIGLIANO "The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography" The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography (Sather 54, 1990)
1960-1961 H.D.F. KITTO "Poiesis, or Literary Structure" Poiesis: Structure and Thought (Sather 36, 1966)
1959-1960 SIR RONALD SYME "Sallust" Sallust (Sather 33, 1964)
1958-1959  BENJAMIN D. MERITT "The Athenian Year" The Athenian Year (Sather 32, 1961)
1957-1958 DENYS L. PAGE "History and the Homeric Iliad" History and the Homeric Iliad (Sather 31, 1959)
1956-1957 GEORGES DAUX "An International Organization in Antiquity: The Delphic Amphictiony" not published
1955-1956 SIR FRANK ADCOCK "The Greek and Macedonian Art of War" The Greek and Macedonian Art of War (Sather 30, 1957)
1954-1955 JOSHUA WHATMOUGH "Poetic, Scientific, and Other Forms of Discourse" Poetic, Scientific, and Other Forms of Discourse (Sather 29, 1956)
1953-1954 J.A.O. LARSON "Representative Government in Greek and Roman History" Representative Government in Greek and roman History (Sather 28, 1955)
1952-1953 A.J. FESTUGIÈRE "Personal Religion among the Greeks" Personal Religion among the Greeks (Sather 26, 1954)
1951-1952 A.W. GOMME "The Greek Attitude to Poetry and History" The Greek Attitude to Poetry and History (Sather 27, 1954)
1950-1951 BEN EDWIN PERRY "The Greek Romances" The Greek Romances (Sather 37, 1967)
1949-1950 ERIC R. DODDS "The Greeks and the Irrational" The Greeks and the Irrational (Sather 25, 1951)
1948-1949 SIR JOHN DAVIDSON BEAZLEY "The Development of Attic Black-Figure" The Development of Attic Black-Figure (Sather 24, 1951)
1947-1948 LEVI ARNOLD POST "From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction" From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction (Sather 23, 1951)
1946-1947 LILY ROSS TAYLOR "Party Politics in the Age of Caesar" Party Politics in the Age of Caesar (Sather 22, 1949)
1945-1946 M.L.W. LAISTNER "The Greater Roman Historians" The Greater Roman Historians (Sather 21, 1947)
1944-1945 RHYS CARPENTER "Folk Tale, Fiction, and Saga in the Homeric Epic" Folk Tale, Fiction, and Saga in the Homeric Epic (Sather 20, 1946)
1943-1944 GILBERT NORWOOD "Pindar" Pindar (Sather 19, 1956)
1942-1943 H.F. FRÄNKEL "Ovid: a Poet between Two Worlds" Ovid: a Poet between Two Worlds (Sather 18, 1945)
1941-1942 J.D. Beazley appointed, but could not come no lectures; C.W. Blegen and H. Chernis delievered three lectures each no publication
1940-1941 A.W. PERSSON "The Religion of Greece in Prehistoric Times" The Religion of Greece in Prehistoric Times (Sather 17, 1942)
1939-1940 H.J. ROSE "The Eclogues of Virgil" The Eclogues of Virgil (Sather 16, 1942)
1938-1939 HENRI GRÉGOIRE "Constantine the Great and the Triumph of Christianity" not published
1937-1938 BENJAMIN OLIVER FOSTER (died before serving) no lectures; O. Broneer and H.T. Wade-Gery delivered three lectures each no publication
1936-1937 SAMUEL E. BASSETT "The Poetry of Homer" The Poetry of Homer (Sather 15, 1938)
1935-1936 J. WIGHT DUFF "Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life" Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life (Sather 12, 1936)
1934-1935 WERNER JAEGER "Demosthenes: the Origin and Growth of his Policy" Demosthenes: the Origin and Growth of his Policy (Sather 13, 1938)
1933-1934 WILLIAM A. OLDFATHER "The Decline of Culture within the Roman Empire" not published
1932-1933 ROBERT J. BONNER "Aspects of Athenian Democracy" Aspects of Athenian Democracy (Sather 11, 1933)
1931-1932 CYRIL BAILEY "Phases in the Religion of Ancient Rome" Phases in the Religion of Ancient Rome (Sather 10, 1932)
1930-1931 MARTIN P. NILSSON "The Mycenean Origins of Greek Mythology" The Mycenean Origins of Greek Mythology (Sather 8, 1932)
1929-1930 TENNEY FRANK "Life and Literature of the Roman Republic" Life and Literature of the Roman Republic (Sather 7, 1930)
1928-1929 PAUL SHOREY "Platonism Ancient and Modern" Platonism Ancient and Modern (Sather 14, 1938)
1927-1928 ARTHUR L. WHEELER "Catullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry" Catullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry (Sather 9, 1934)
1926-1927 JOHN LINTON MYRES "Who Were the Greeks?" Who Were the Greeks? (Sather 6, 1930)
1925-1926 JOHN BURNET "Platonism" Platonism (Sather 5, 1928)
1924-1925 DUANE R. STUART "Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography" Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography (Sather 4, 1928)
1923-1924 T.R. GLOVER "Herodotus" Herodotus (Sather 3, 1924)
1922-1923 HERBERT WEIR SMYTH "Aeschylean Tragedy" Aeschylean Tragedy (Sather 2, 1924)
1921-1922 GEORGE L. HENDRICKSON "Roman Satire" not published
1920-1921 JOHN A. SCOTT "The Unity of Homer" The Unity of Homer (Sather 1, 1921)
1919-1920 EDWARD K. RAND "The History of Classical Culture during the Middle Ages"; "The History of Pastoral Literature" before regular publication began
1918-1919 PAUL SHOREY no formal series before regular publication began
1917-1918 WILLIAM KELLY PRENTICE no formal series before regular publication began
1917-1918 FRANCIS GREENLEAF ALLINSON "The Greeks in Literature and Life" before regular publication began
1916-1917 GORDON J. LAING "Ancient Etruria" before regular publication began
1916-1917 PAUL SHOREY "The Broader Aspects of Platonism in European Literature before regular publication began
1915-1916 NO INCUMBENT because of WW I    
1914-1915 HENRY W. PRESCOTT "The Classical Epic" before regular publication began
1913-1914 JOHN LINTON MYRES   before regular publication began