Sasha-Mae Eccleston

Assistant Professor
Brown University
Classics PhD Program
Research Interests: 
Latin literature (esp. Ovid, Apuleius, and Petronius), The Ancient Novel and the Second Sophistic, Literary Theory, Popular Culture and the Classics, Translation of the Classics, Contemporary Poetry
B.A., (Classics: Greek and Latin; Literary Arts), Brown University, 2006
M.Phil., (Greek and Latin Languages and Literature), University of Oxford, 2008
Ph.D., Classics, University of California, Berkeley, expected 2014
sasha.eccleston [at]
Apuleius' Novel Narrative: Speech, Ethics, and Humanity in the Metamorphoses
Dissertation Advisor: 
Kathleen McCarthy

My research focuses on formal aspects of narrative/genre and their relationship to cultural ideology.  I mostly, though not exclusively, write on texts the from Roman Empire and about images, stories, and plots marked as "Greco-Roman" and/or "ancient" in contemporary narratives of various forms (e.g. film, poetry, and novels).  I also write poetry. 

I am deeply committed to educational initiatives for students from groups underrepresented in academia and maintain an interest in the sociology of higher education.

Select Publications: 

CV with a list of publications, presentations, and service activities available upon request.