Lisa C. Pieraccini

Project Director, Del Chiaro Center for Ancient Italian Studies
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Interests: 
Archeology of Ancient Italy; Roman and Etruscan Material Culture; Roman and Etruscan Wall Painting; Reception Studies; Ritualization of Food and Wine; Funerary Archaeology
lisap [at]
Office / Location: 
7210 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: 
Tuesday & Thursday 11am-12pm
Select Publications: 

2016 Cities of the Etruscans--Caere. Series editors, N. de Grummond and L. C. Pieraccini. Austin: University of Texas Press.

2016 "Scared Serpent Symbols: The Bearded Snakes of Etruria," Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections Vol. 10:92-102.

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