Lauren Miller

Classics PhD Program
Research Interests: 
Latin literature; didactic poetry; posthumanism; new media & performance studies; Hellenistic Greek poetry; new philology
B.A. Williams College, 2015
M.A. University of California, Berkeley, 2017
lem [at] berkeley [dot] edu

I received my B.A. from Williams College in Comparative Literature and Classics in 2015, where I completed an undergraduate thesis entitled "Encountering Ekphrasis: Cultural Subordination and the Female Gaze in Moschus' Europa." During this time, I was awarded a Ruchman Fellowship for original interdisciplinary undergraduate research; my thesis dealt with the gendering and politics of vision and viewership in the Europa, especially in the sociopolitical climate of Hellenistic Alexandria. My current research interests are varied, though I continue to focus on issues of authority and gender in the ancient world, with particular emphasis in Latin poetry of the Augustan period. Most recently I am working on exploring bodily fluids and metaphors of reproduction, though I also am developing an interest in the economic and political ramifications of time systems in Rome.

Since being at Berkeley, I have been involved in a few projects that fall slightly outside the realm of classics. I sit on the editorial board of the critical humanities journal Qui Parle (Duke University Press), which seeks to publish cross-disciplinary articles and book reviews from a wide array of fields, and I have also worked on a number of semi-professional art installations and performances as dramaturge and consultant.

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