Elizabeth Wueste

Visiting Assistant Professor
Oberlin College
Classical Archaeology PhD Program
Research Interests: 
Roman archaeology and art history, Late Antique studies, honorific monuments, portraiture
B.A. UCLA, Classical Civilizations, 2007
M.A. UC Berkeley, Classical Archaeology, 2009
Ph.D. UC Berkeley, Classical Archaeology, expected 2015
ewueste [at] berkeley [dot] edu
politics and religion in Late Antique honorific monuments
Dissertation Advisor: 
Chris Hallett

I advanced to candidacy in 2012 and am currently completing a dissertation focusing on Late Antique honorific monuments and their strategic and intentional political, religious, and social messages.  My research examines issues of artistic portrait style, epigraphic style, religion, and the political tensions between imperial and local power structures by examining the public honorific portrait sculpture and epigraphy of imperial and local officials in the third through fifth centuries CE.  My dissertation explores the extant physical evidence through archaeological, epigraphic, art historical, and cultural historical inquiries.

In addition to my research, I have also excavated at several Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sites in Italy, Greece, and Albania.  I originally arrived at grad school believing that I was interested in museum work, and not the dirt and grime of excavations.  Instead, I now revel in the dirt and live for the summer excavation season. I hope to continue to dig as long as I have the opportunity.  In Summer 2014, I will be excavating at Morgantina, Sicily.