Dylan Sailor

Professor of Classics, Head Graduate Advisor of Classics
BA 1995 University of Washington
MA 1997, PhD 2002 University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: 
Latin literature, ancient historiography
dsailor [at] berkeley.edu
Office / Location: 
7214 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: 
Fall 2019: Th 3:10P-5P, and by appointment
Select Publications: 

Writing and Empire in Tacitus. Cambridge UP 2008.

"Arminius and Flavus across the Weser." TAPA 149 (2019): 77-126.

“Youth and Rejuvenation in Tacitus’ Agricola and Dialogus.” In O. Devillers, ed., Les opera minora et le développement de l’historiographie tacitéenne, 101-13. Bordeaux 2014.

"The Agricola." In V. Pagán, ed., A Companion to Tacitus, 23-44. Blackwell 2012.

"Dirty Linen, Fabrication, and the Authorities of Livy and Augustus." TAPA 136 (2006): 329-88.

"Becoming Tacitus: Significance and Inconsequentiality in the Prologue of Agricola." ClAnt 23 (2004): 139-77.