Dylan Sailor

Associate Professor of Classics, Head Graduate Advisor of Classics
BA 1995 University of Washington
MA 1997, PhD 2002 University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: 
Roman literature and culture, ancient historiography, Roman rhetoric
dsailor [at] berkeley.edu
Office / Location: 
7214 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: 
Fall 2018: M 11:10-1P, W 2:10-3P, and by appointment
Select Publications: 

Writing and Empire in Tacitus. Cambridge UP 2008.

"Arminius and Flavus across the Weser." Forthcoming in TAPA 149.1.

“Youth and Rejuvenation in Tacitus’ Agricola and Dialogus.” In O. Devillers, ed., Les opera minora et le développement de l’historiographie tacitéenne, 101-13. Bordeaux 2014.

"The Agricola." In V. Pagán, ed., A Companion to Tacitus, 23-44. Blackwell 2012.

"Dirty Linen, Fabrication, and the Authorities of Livy and Augustus." TAPA 136 (2006): 329-88.

"Becoming Tacitus: Significance and Inconsequentiality in the Prologue of Agricola." ClAnt 23 (2004): 139-77.