Dylan Kenny

UC Berkeley
Classics PhD Program
Research Interests: 
Greek literature and philosophy; history of classical scholarship
B.A., Humanities, Yale University, 2013
MPhil, Early Modern History, Cambridge University, 2015
MPhil, Classics, Cambridge University, 2016
dmkenny [at] berkeley.edu

Recent projects include: uses of description in archaic lyric; the genre of Xenophon's "technical" treatises; political thought in Greek prose romances; Henri II Estienne (1528-98) and Greek antiquity in Reformation Geneva; the legacies of Romanticism in German philology c. 1900.


Select Publications: 

Psychology of an Art Writer (David Zwirner Books, 2018); selected texts by Vernon Lee, foreword (excerpted at The Paris Review)

Jason Rhoades: PeaRoeFoam (David Zwirner Books, 2016); exhibition catalogue, contributor