Anthony Long

Professor of the Graduate School and Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Classics and Irving G. Stone Professor Emeritus of Literature; Affiliated Professor of Philosophy and Rhetoric
B.A. 1960 University College London
Ph.D. 1964 University of London
Hon. PhD. 2015 University of Crete
Research Interests: 
Greek and Roman Philosophy and Greek Literature
(510) 642-6028; alternate: (510) 642-4218; fax: (510) 643-2959
aalong [at]
Office / Location: 
7218 Dwinelle Hall
Office Hours: 
Fall 2018: W 3-4PM

Courses taught in 2016-17 (for Department of Philosophy): Plato (upper division lectures on Republic and Theaetetus); Hellenistic Ethics (graduate seminar). In 2017-18 (for Classics): Lucretius, freshman seminar.  In 2018-19 (for Philosophy): Hellenistic Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind (graduate seminar).

Latest book: How to be Free; An Ancient Guide to the Stoic Life (Princeton University Press, 2018). Current projects: transl. with commentary of Plotinus, Ennead II.4, On matter;  essays on ancient notions of rationality and selfhood.

Recent activities: Keeling Lecture in Ancient Philosophy, University College London, 2017; Michael Frede Memorial Lecture, British School at Athens, 2017. Keynote Lectures in 2018: for Life of Breath Conference, University of Durham, and for Stoicon, University of London Senate House. 

Select Publications: 

Recent books: Greek Models of Mind and Self (Harvard University Press, 2015), transl. into Italian as La Mente, l'Anima, Il Corpo (Einaudi, 2016); Seneca. Letters on Ethics To Lucilius; transl. with M. Graver (Chicago University Press, 2015).

Recent articles: "What is the Matter with Matter, according to Plotinus?" in Royal Institute of Philosophy suppl. 78 (Cambridge University Press, 2016), 37-54; "Aetius, Stoic Physics, and Zeno" in Aetiana IV, eds. J. Mansfeld and D.T. Runia (Brill, 2018), 433-52; "Epictetus and the Meaning of Life", in The Meaning of Life and the Great Philosophers, eds. S. Leach and J. Tartaglia (Routledge, 2018), 79-86; "Zeno of Citium, Founder of the Stoic Tradition" in Diogenes Laertius. Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, ed. J. Miller (Oxford University Press, 2018), 603-09.

Forthcoming: "Divinity in Plato's Republic; the Form of the Good", in Keeling Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, ed. F. Leigh (University College London).

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