Latin 140

Medieval Latin
001 LEC
Days and Time: 
TTh 12:30-1:59P
Bezner, Frank
Additional Notes: 

Fulfills the L & S breadth requirement in Arts and Literature.

Course Description: 

This course is meant as an introduction into the Latin literature of the Middle Ages. After a brief introduction into medieval Latin as a literary and non-literary language, we will translate and discuss readings from the 5th to the 13th century, readings selected in order to illustrate important and interesting authors, genres, contexts, and features of medieval Latin Latin literature and literary culture. Texts to be studied include the Peregrinatio Egeriae, a late Ancient travel account to the holy land; Carolingian political poetry written at Charlemagne’s court; religious poetry by Notker of St. Gall; allegorical poetry of the 12th century; hagiographic and monastic literature; satirical and love poems (Carmina Burana). Two classes will be held at the Bancroft library where we will be able to work with original medieval manuscripts. Overall, we will focus on translation and analysis, but never without discussing institutional contexts and problems of interpretation.  Sound knowledge of the basics of Latin grammar and at least some experience with reading (classical or medieval) texts in the original (ideally through courses such as Latin 100, 101 etc.) are prerequisites. Please email instructor when in doubt. — All texts will be handed out (via a reader or bcourses).