Classics 214

Greek Drama
001 SEM
Days and Time: 
F 2:00-4:59P
2 or 4
Griffith, Mark
Course Description: 

his seminar will focus on Aeschylus, primarily The Oresteia (though we will spend a session or two also on scenes from The Seven against Thebes and The Suppliant Maidens).  We will cover the whole trilogy in Greek, though obviously we'll look more closely at some passages than others in order to explore key themes and critical approaches in appropriate depth and detail.  There should be quite a range of opportunities for students to select particular topics to explore that interest them (including issues of reception, translation, and performance), even while the whole class will be working together to try to understand and appreciate the formal, linguistic, musical, ethical, religious, socio-political, and psychological-affective features and impact of this most amazing and foundational work of Western drama in its original terms and context.