Classic 270

Seminar in Classical Archaeology - Current topics in Mycenaean Archaeology
001 LEC
Days and Time: 
M 2:00-4:59P
2 or 4
Shelton, Kim S.
Course Description: 

This is an in-depth introduction to the Mycenaean Civilization of the Bronze Age Aegean (2000-1050 BC). The course will be participant driven - revolving around specific topics and themes that are of interest to the group – and will include units on domestic and mortuary archaeology. We will look at topics both controversial and "trendy" and will present a combination of more general background information and the latest results of excavation and research. When and from where did the Mycenaeans come to Greece? How was the society organized and when did the aristocracy develop? Where and how did the people live? or bury their dead? What did they believe and feel about their gods, rulers and the possibility of an afterlife? What was their position in international trade and diplomacy? What ended their civilization?    This course will expose you to the sites, monuments, and artifacts of this ancient culture, as well as the more conceptual themes of prehistoric civilization and enable you to gain an understanding of the way a variety of evidence is used in archaeological research to reconstruct the past.