Introduction to the Archaeology of the Greek World
001 LEC
Days and Time: 
TTh 9:30-10:59P
Papazarkadas, Nikolaos
Additional Notes: 

Fulfills the L&S breadth requirement in Arts & Literature and Historical Studies.

Course Description: 

This course offers an introduction to the art and archaeology of ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period (approximately 2500-150/100 BCE). By studying the surviving evidence (much of it the product of archaeological digs), students will be initiated to the architecture, sculpture, ceramics, and other material products of the ancient Greeks. We will examine closely Minoan and Mycenaean palaces and famous ancient temples like the Parthenon, bronze and marble statues of gods and prominent individuals, pots decorated with mythological and everyday-life scenes, and numerous other artifacts. The course will be primarily based on a process of familiarization with the visual evidence: understanding the material developments of Greek antiquity will help students get a firm grasp of the civilization(s) behind them, become better interpreters of the Classical world, and even informed museum visitors. No previous knowledge or experience of ancient Greece will be expected or required.

Lectures will be accompanied by abundant visual material. Grading will be based on attendance, participation in class discussion/s and quizzes (30%), two midterms (20+20=40%), and one final exam paper (30%).

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101 DIS Tu 12-12:59P BARR185 The Staff 13440
102 DIS M 9-9:559A DWIN106 The Staff 13435



* Richard T. Neer, Greek Art and Archaeology, c. 2500–c.150 BCE: A New History (New York 2012)