Barchiesi's Sather Centennial Lecture Posted

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Sather Lecture series of Spring 2014 was extended for a seventh week, for an invited lecture by Alessandro Barchiesi to celebrate the centennial year of the lecture series. Barchiesi was the 97th Sather Professor (2010-2011), and splits his time between his position in Italy at the University of Siena at Arezzo and one quarter per year at Stanford. As he pointed out in the lecture, he is presumably the Sather Professor who has attended the greatest number of Sather Lectures. But the true reason the Department invited him to reflect on the series is that he has a consummate knowledge of the history of classical scholarship.

The Department is very pleased to make available here a very slightly edited version of the lecture.

In the lecture, Barchiesi regrets the loss of the Sather wall. Before the construction of the sixth and seventh floors of Dwinelle Hall, the Sather Office 5210 had one wall completely covered with portrait photographs of previous Sather professors. A number of incumbents had commented that the wall was rather oppressive. When the Department had to decamp for construction in 1996, most of the older portraits were removed from their frames and mounted in two large albums, sufficient to contain 100 images, and only the five or six most recent visitors have been displayed in the new office 7210. Barchiesi proposed in the lecture that the Sather wall be recreated (in virtual form), and that project was completed at the end of 2014.